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Terms & Conditions

Tearm & Condition of JSC CARDS (Pty) Ltd.
Entry to this web site will constitute agreement and acceptance with these Terms & Conditions. If you do not agree, please do not use this web site or order from . We reserve the right to change the Terms & Conditions at any time and therefore suggest that you read this page regularly. 
1*Renewal Services
1.1- when you go to order page for renewal your sport card , there is an option (Serial Card Number )you must write your serial card number , in this section make sure to type a correct and full card number printed on your smart card , and don't take the number from your Screen . to avoid any mistake . 
1.2- Before you complete the payment duble check you are writing the correct serial number , 
1.3- if any mistake happened with entering card number , you must contact us immediately to stop your order or correct the mistake before your order complete , because if your order was complete , we will can't cancel , correct the mistake , or refund any amount , because the system of aljazeera or abudhabi sport doesn't accept the refund or correct any mistake for renewals , 
1.4- If your card has been renewed , you will recieve a confirmation of the renewal by email . sometimes the card can't get the signal , then you must try with other decoder , and you can't ask for refund or cancellation , 
2*Payments .
2.1- Very Important Note: Before you complete the payment by credit card or paypal : If you pay in stolen credit card or person who is not aware, your subscription will be Freezed and your Al Jazeera or Abudhabi Sports card will be cancelled , and will not be able to reactivate or renew again. 
2.2- we will not shipped any order before payment has released in our account .
2.3-for Bank transfer orders and to make your order fast send photo copy of bank Swift.
*Note: all bank transfer take 5-7 working days.
2.4- after your complete your payment using paypal . we asking to provide copy of your Bank - credit card statement to confirm your payment . 
If you didn't provide this Doc . we will canceled your order and refund the money to your paypal account , and we will Charge you the 4.00 EUR fee Plus paypal refund fees . so before you using paypal or credit card service . please be sure you will provide us for verified Doc . to complete your order if ordered.
2.5 - sometimes we required or recieved a payment to our paypal account as a gift . for this payments we can't issue a partially refund .
so if you have done order and you paid the money , and one or more of items you would be cancel , change , not available or out of stock . in this case you will get the refund of rest of your money after 14 working days . 
and we will send the amount and you will be charge all paypal fees.
2.6- all paypal payments will be made by the name of our registered company on Jordan with the name " SAT-EU.COM " or "JSCCARDSPTY" this will appear on your paypal or credit card statement . 
3*Orders & Use.
3.1- In case of cancellation request before the process of renewal fees will be charged an additional 4.00 EUR
3.2- If you are using your card for Sharing system , then it will be Freezed , for this situation your card is not guaranteed and we can't reactive it , because aljazeera using a tracking system it can knows how dose the card works and if it was working by normal decoder or for sharing .
3.3- if you contact aljazeera by email or phone and inform that you are using your card outside the arab country then your card will be freezed
3.4- if you use your card for public view , like restaurant , bar , hotel ,,,, it will be Freezed . this card for home use Only
3.5- any card has been Freezed by al jazeera , then we will can't active it , replace it , or issue a refund
3.6- If you order wrong card type , and it been active we can't return it back , you must be sure what card type your decoder are accept , there is 2 types of cards ( Irdeto ) and ( Viaccess ) , 
3.7 Never use your card or insert it in decoder while your decoder connected with the internet , because it will send signal to aljazeera system that you are using your card for sharing . then it will be Freezed.
Note : when your card stop working , you must contact us . if we found it been Freezed , then we can't help you anymore . and you will need to buy a new card .
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