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Returns Policy

Returns Policy :

For return any Item here is our conditions ,


* Shipping Methods we have 3 options for Shipping 
1 - Normal Mail Delivery time 21-45 Working Days.
2 - Registered Mail Delivery time 7-21 Working Days 
3 - DHL , UPS Delivery time 3-5 Working Days.
4- if you didn't get your Item withing maximum days of Delivery time from shipping date . you must contact us to check with shipping company , if we can't fix the problem withing 30 days , we will wait till your shipment return back to us and we will contact you to send it back to you , and you can upgrade the shipping methods if you would like to get it faster .
5- If the shipment unable to be delivered to you , after we get it back we will send it back for Free by Normal Mail. and you need a Registered Letter you will be charged 10 EUR
6- If the products was Hold by Customs on your country , then you must contact them and pay the tax or customs fees . and we can't pay any of this , our company will not pay any tax or customs fees ,
7- when you get your card or decoder you must contact us to active it for you , and if we do then we will can't issue a refund or cancel the order , 
8- when you return the Item , you will be charged the shipping Fees and 10% return fees from the total of amount .
9- Only refund in the same form of currency used for the purchase. For example, if the item was purchased with a credit card, issue a credit to that same card . 
Examine the length of time the store will allow returns. Some retailers limit returns to 30 days, others may allow returns for up to 90 days.
Sales receipts are another option for displaying a retailer's return policies.
Be consistent in enforcing the return policy without making exceptions for certain circumstances or times of the year.
Require identification when accepting returns. Then use a computer database to track returns by customer and note any fraudulent or excessive returns.
Train employees to spot return fraud and thoroughly understand (and enforce) the store's return policy.
to return your item , you will be charge all shipping fees .
for more information you can contact us at :
return product address : 
Khalil Bilal 120419
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